Lighting Energy Assessment by LED-ZIP

LED-ZIP now offer a business lighting energy assessment, free of charge, so you can find out how much money your business could save by switching to LED lighting and how much you can reduce your carbon footprint, doing your bit the help save the planet.

Please see our outline below on the benefits of switching and how we go through the process of doing it for you.


There are a number of reasons to have your office or factory facility undertake an energy assessment. it could be that you are unhappy with your current light output, your energy bill cost is too high, or you are constantly performing maintenance and replacing pesky light fittings and bulbs.

Unnecessary Overheads

Performing maintenance on your existing light fittings can prove costly. This is because traditional lighting options need replacing often due to their rated lifetime and fragility. This isn’t the case with LED, with many LED products given at least 15,000 hours lifetime and can extend far beyond that. You can forget about getting the cherry picker in every few months with LED.

How much can you save?

This depends on the size of your facility and how long the lights are on for, but we have seen savings from a hundreds of pounds a year, up to tens of thousands a year by switching to LED lighting. Changing some light fittings over to emergency fittings or movement activated lighting can result in further reductions on your energy bill.

How we do it

  • Site Visit

    LED-ZIP perform a site visit to count up existing fittings and find out the scope of the refit, including any standards or specification you may have to meet.

  • Energy Assessment and Savings

    We go away and do the boring stuff for you. We do our calculations to find out how your existing fittings compare against like for like LED replacements and send you a detailed breakdown of your potential savings.

  • Installation

    Great, you'd like to go ahead! Next we arrange to send down our trusted installers to fit your new LED lighting at a time convenient to you. This includes arranging any specialist equipment that may be needed to install your new lighting.

  • See the benefits

    You have just saved yourself potentially thousands a year by switching to LED lighting and have reduced your carbon footprint. You will probably notice how much better the new lighting is too!


Norco GRP

Norco, specialists in GRP/Composite mouldings, came to us asking if we could supply replacements for their 400W metal halide low bay fittings in their laminating factory.

Bournemouth International Centre

Bournemouth International Centre in Bournemouth, Dorset, is one of the largest venues for conferences, exhibitions, entertainment and events in southern England.

Stokewood Leisure Centre

In 2016 we were commissioned to work on one of UKs most historic buildings, the Stokewood Leisure Centre in Bournemouth, Dorset which has now received one of our low energy LED lighting updates.