LED Strip Cutting & Connecting Service

Let us do the work for you.

LED strip is one of the most versatile lighting products ever created, whether it’s under you kitchen cabinets, behind your desk, back-lighting art, installed in bathroom alcoves, the uses are endless.

Most retailers will supply LED strip to you on 5M reels and leave you to figure out the rest. How do I connect them up? How many transformers do I need and which ones? What is colour temperature?

If you are left feeling overwhelmed with all these technical terms and questions, let us do the work for you using our LED Strip cutting and connecting service.

Just let us know where it’s going to be installed, what effect you are looking for and give us a few measurements. From there we can advise you on what type of strip you are probably going to want and figure out all the technical stuff for you.

This can be done with a quick phone call to our office, or drop us an email.


Specify your desired LED Strip lengths and we will cut them to length for you and attach the leads for you using our soldering and connection service.


In a rush to get LED Strip made up and installed asap? We can get it made up to your measurements and sent out to you within 7 days. Subject to specification and quantity.


Colour temperature? Voltage? Drivers? Wattage? There are a lot of technical terms out there when talking about LED Strip. Let us handle that for you. Contact us for free advice and technical translations.

LED Strip Projects