Led-Zip Lighting + LedLightGroup


Ledlight Group is an innovative company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets lamps (CrystalLed™) based on LED technology for high-end applications in the professional market, with particular focus on sports and industrial LED applications. CrystalLed™ lamps are highly energy and cost efficient, environmentally friendly, and supported by a unique high power driver, developed and patented by LLG.

Why CrystalLed™?

∙Easily installed due to its low weight, flexible mounting options and easy click-on installation system.

∙Can be delivered with DALI dimming and operated through wireless communication.

∙Available with 350, 450 or 700mA driver.

∙Does not include any environmentally harmful components nor does the production process emit any harmful emissions.

∙Waterproof IP65/67.

∙Achieved a lighting efficiency of 111 lm/w at the Laborelec laboratories.

∙Reduces energy consumption by 60-90% compared to other lighting technology.