Led-Zip Lighting is an independently run LED lighting distributor and consultant company with unique bespoke manufacturing capabilities.

We are based in Bournemouth, Dorset, and operate our business up and across the south coast from Cornwall to Kent. We Offer valuable advice and energy efficient LED alternatives/solutions to conventional lighting technologies in any given environment.

Our unique manufacturing capabilities make it possible for clients to apply our technology and product knowledge to any project or application that should require a special build or design. We advise on the best technology to use in certain applications to ensure a reliable solution to any lighting problem.

Many of our products are 100% UK manufactured with 100% UK sourced materials and almost all carry a warranty period between 1 and up to 5 years that we stand by.

H O W   I T ‘ S   M A D E

Our products are manufactured using the very latest technology available on the market today with an average luminous efficiency of 100 lumens per watt from Luxeon, Phillips and Seoul Semiconductor.

These components are placed and soldered to aluminium backed circuit boards using two high performance Juki placement machines, capable of placing 20,000 components an hour.

The circuit boards are then thermally bonded to the housings to ensure an even heat dissipation and that the led chip is working in the correct environment thus assuring the longevity of the product.

On ordering, the units go through a final assembly process where the specified angle optics are added, they are then sealed using an o-ring arrangement to allow access should any maintenance be required. Unless necessary, messy potting compounds are not used.

The final stage of the process is a 3 day soak test at maximum performance to weed out any product not up to scratch. The units are now ready for dispatch to the customer and come backed up by a 3 year repair or replace warranty. The quality of the products becomes obvious as soon as they are taken out of their packaging. This quality remains constant day after day throughout their expected 50,000 hours lifetime.