Norco - LED Hi Bay Fittings

Norco, specialists in GRP/Composite mouldings, came to us asking if we could supply replacements for their 400W metal halide low bay fittings in their laminating factory.

Norco were assessing their energy spend, and a small fire from the dust collecting on the top of their metal halide fittings led them to decide replacing them was the best option. We visited and surveyed the site, took dimensions and measured the light level readings on the factory floor, which came out at 250 lux.

We then went away and prepared a lighting plan using a one for one replacement, the 150W Hi-Cloud fitting from Lumineux. The sample we supplied reported an increase to 700 lux compared to the existing 250 lux, using the same quantity of fittings. This meant no extra wiring was required at all.

LED Hi-Cloud (11,000 Lumens, 100W), 600×600 LED Panels, LED GU10, LED Anti-Corrosive fittings, Circular LED Downlights

Norco GRP

However, due to the detailed work and finishing done over at their factories, the owner requested we increase the light level even higher. We ran the report again with our 200W fitting. We found that this still halved his entire energy spend, but now increased the light level to an incredible 1000 lux, over triple what it was originally!

The client was so delighted with the finished results that he then asked us to do a further four factories, some of them even larger.

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