We designed and installed the latest in low energy LED lighting at the south coast’s largest entertainment and event venue, the Bournemouth International Centre. The Bournemouth International Centre is managed by the South Coast’s leisure and event operator BH Live in partnership with owner Bournemouth Council.

Following a full lighting survey, Bournemouth Council awarded Led-Zip Lighting the contract for lighting design, specification and installation.

Our commission followed an extensive tender process, that ensured the best quality and most cost-effective solution was specified.

Roger Ball, Service Director for Environment and Regeneration Services at Bournemouth Council “We are delighted that the new lighting has been implemented flexibly to minimise disruption to centre users. The installation of this low energy solution highlights our continuing commitment to building a better Bournemouth, while pursuing our green aspirations.”

In a subtle way, the new lighting also boosts the customers’ experience. We can create different effects and ambience appropriate to each event and shine more light on darker areas.

Kevin Ladner, Head of Facilities for BH Live “As with any large public venue, improving energy efficiency is of paramount importance. Several schemes, including a 900 solar PV installation on Bournemouth International Centre’s roof, are already making great strides towards this. By working with our partners on additional schemes, to install more LED lighting and implement further energy reducing measures, we are making sure Bournemouth International Centre is operating as efficiently as possible; contributing towards a greener Bournemouth.”



Traditional halogen fittings were replaced ‘like for like’, with no extra requirements. We provided a low energy LED replacement for every fitting.


Working closely with BH Live’s technical team, we provided a strategically planned installation, that worked around the everyday use of the facility.

There were some areas which needed a bit more thought, but that was to be expected in a venue of that size and complexity.  Lighting technology has moved on considerably and LED lighting can make a considerable difference in a commercial venue of this size.

Savings are not only about the reduction in energy consumption or bills either. LED fittings last longer than other alternatives, the bulbs don’t need to be replaced as often – and in a large busy venue that makes a significant difference.


In March 2015 Bournemouth International Centre consumed 166 megawatts, and during a similar period this year they recorded 114 megawatts.

This is a combined solar and LED lighting saving of some 31%.

During our survey we predicted a conservative five-year electricity saving upwards of £35,000.00, which does not take into account further attractive savings in maintenance and labour costs.

Predicted COsavings a year are also an impressive 204 tonnes.

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