Monoflood 4000 - LED Floodlight

The Monoflood 4000 series is the leader in a brand new concept in white spotlighting entirely designed around the use of high powered Bridgelux LED arrays.

The LED array used produces around 4000 lumens of pure white light at just 44W & carries a life expectancy of around 50.000hrs+.

Low power consumption with high light output results in massive saving for the end user! Monoflood 4000 will roughly cost 0.05p per hour to run, if permanently left running 24/7 the 4000 series would cost just £45 for the year!!! This figure is staggering when compared to existing sodium or metal halide solutions that can potentially cost the end user anything from £4-500! (excluding relamping costs!).

Manufactured in the UK

High Lumen Output

Powered by BridgeLux

Weatherproof to IP68

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Vandal-proof glass

Available in Cool White, Neutral White & Warm White